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Integrate all your community sources

Easily connect your most relevant community sources like Discord, Twitter and your smart contract. Get all relevant metrics in one place without manually gathering data or using several analytics tools.

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Track your community metrics


Be always up-to-date about the most important community metrics. Customizable automated reporting helps you keep track of your community health and your team’s impact in the community.

Get a unified view on your members

Get an in-depth understanding of your members and every action they've taken within your community.  Connect your members' social and on-chain identities  while preserving your members' data sovereignty. Easily identify your most engaged members and reward them with non-transferable NFTs.

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Be always up-to-date through auto alerts (beta)

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Set up automatic alerts and reminders to react quickly to important events. For example receive a notification if a new high impact holder is joining your community or one of your most engaged Discord member is going silent.

Get insights, engage your community and save time

Unified member view

Map your members' wallet addresses to their Discord/Twitter profiles and track activity across platforms


Find and create segments of similar members to streamline common workflows such as sending personalized notes.

Sentiment analysis

Keep track of swings in your community pulse, identify vocal members and stay ahead of trending conversations.


Set-up automatic alerts and reminders based on events, schedule content and define auto-replies.

auto alerts

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"With comoon, it was easier to constantly keep track of our most critical members and reward them"

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"Comoon is super easy to set up & our community managers loved it because they did not have to search & manually compile data"

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